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We provide data analytics Techniques & realtime data Solutions

Internet Of Things

Bain predicts that by 2020 annual revenues could exceed $470B for the IoT vendors selling the hardware, software and comprehensive solutions. McKinsey estimates the total IoT market size in 2015 was up to $900M, growing to $3.7B in 2020 attaining a 32.6% CAGR. General Electric predicts investment in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is expected to top $60 trillion during the next 15 years.

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Computer Vision

We offer consulting in Computer Vision for Image Understanding, Image Analysis, Machine Vision by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which may involve the use of specialized methods and make use of general learning algorithms.

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Deep Learning And NLP

The Artificial Neural Network is changing the landscape of deep learning applications, at the same time Natural Language Processing is also accelerating it further.

Most of the corporates have 95% of their customer data in the form of unstructured text; in emails, surveys, online reviews, Twitter posts, comments in different forums, and more.

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We offer a wide range of services and provide data Science Solutions

Leverage the Power of Disruptive Technologies. Revolutionize the Small & Medium Enterprises(SME) with the Power of Data Science.


Data Analysis & Predictive Modelling

Our Data Analysis services allows you to get your data collected, processed and presented back to you in the form of actionable insights while you avoid investments.


Data Visualization and Reporting

Your organization will want to rely on data-driven insights to make informed decisions at any point in time. But when volume of data grows rapidly, it becomes more and more noisy.


Data Extraction

We offer data extraction services to help innovate and grow your business. We compile critical contextual information from across the web, thus helping businesses stay up-to-date with the market benchmarks.

Work Process

Our Approach



Understand your strategic needs, customer expectations and conceptualize the design combining the industry insights, technology expertise & business pain-points.



Define the right solution related to Data Science & IoT asset management plan with process transformation roadmap and governance model.



Leverage Data Science with Cloud Platform, enable devices to sense, learn, and communicate over secured channels. Also integrate various building blocks, data points, sensing devices that provide real-time accurate business insights to make smart decisions.



Manage the service management aspects & realize the value of collected data leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our Skill

We are master in data science
& big data analysis

Data Anaylsis 88%
Data Visualization and Reporting 95%
Artificial Intelligence Solutions 70%
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